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Oscar Wilde

Christoph P. A. Martig

Dr. iur. / Attorney at Law - Partner

Year of birth: 1956
admitted to all Swiss Courts since 1987
Languages: German, English, French
Tel: +41 44 388 90 90
Fax: +41 44 383 87 57
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E-mail: martig@gj-partner.ch
Address: Zollikerstrasse 141  CH - 8008 Zürich

P.O.Box 1682          CH - 8032 Zürich

Christoph Martig has extensive experience over many years in commercial and contract law and as a counsel and/or as member of the board of directors for various companies. In connection with solutions for the succession of enterprises, he also works in the field of inheritance law, the distribution of assets and liabilities of private clients as well as the administration of estates.

Christoph Martig has Always been and still is involved with shipping and boating. Already in 1983 he published his dissertation on the subject of the carrier’s liability of ship-owners in Rhine transportation business. As a sailor and yachtsman in private life with offshore permit, he also deals professionally with national and international legal issues of sport-boating and yachting. He works for and represents owners of medium and larger seagoing yachts, as well as various participants of the boat and yacht sector.

University of Zurich | lic. iur.  1980
University of Zürich | Dr. iur.  1983
Admission to the Bar (Canton of Zurich) 1987
Complementary studies at Georgetown University of Washington DC and University of California, Berkeley / San Francisco [1987-1988]

Lawyer at TUAG Trust and Management Consulting AG, Zurich  [1980-1983]
Law Clerk / Senior Law Clerk at the District Court of Horgen / Zurich  [1984-1986]
Associate in two law firms in Zurich  [1986-1987]
Associate attorney [1988] and Partner [1991-2011] with a corporate and commercial law firm in Zurich
Partner with GJP Grendelmeier Jenny & Partners [since 2011]

SAV/FSA  Swiss Bar Association
ZAV   Zurich Bar Association
SVS  Swiss Association for Shipping and Port Economy
ASDA/SVLR (Association Suisse de Droit Aerien et Spacial)
FSM Fédération Suisse Motonautique | Legal Services
CCS Crusing Club Switzerland
ZYC  Zurich Yacht Club

Mandates in Boards / Foundations or as Liquidator:
  • Häusermann Automobiles Ltd., Zurich (Volvo, Renault), since 1996
  • Jave Ltd., Zug, since 2007
  • The TOA 21st Century Reinsurance Company Ltd., Chur  [2002-2015]
  • Wynex GmbH   [1998 - 2015]
  • Feldec GmbH   [2006 - 2015]
  • ji concept ag, Zug  [2001 - 2013]
  • Max Häusermann-Foundation, Zurich [2007-2012]
  • Club Tourism Reinsurance Company Ltd., Chur  [2004-2009]
  • Gulliver Europe Ltd., Chur  [2001-2007]
  • GecaSwiss Ltd., Chur  [2000-2002]
  • Gecalux Switzerland Ltd., Zurich  [1998-2002]

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